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Sound Wave Tattoo

LA-based startup Skin Motion has brought tattoos to life. Tattoos have long been a way to express yourself, and thanks to new technology, they could soon allow you to add an extra dimension to your body art.

The innovative app creates tattoo designs from audio clips, all you need do is record the sound of your choice in the app, which then translates it into a scientific piece of body art, once inked up, the augmented reality tattoos can then be scanned and played back using the same application, recreating the sound exactly as it was recorded. The app is the product of Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard and can create waveform patterns from audio clips up to one minute long.

The designs can be made up of any recorded sounds - whether noises, spoken words, music or a combination of these elements - which can they be tattooed onto your skin. It will let you capture messages from friends and family or even your favourite lyrics from a song.

The startup says that of the thousands of messages they have already received, the majority of inquiries have been about preserving the memory of people who have passed on. Speaking in a video on his website, Siggard said: 'A lot of you have been asking whether or not it's real so I wanted to give you an example to show that it is.

'The app's in development right now, it'll be done in about a month.

'We're excited for everyone who is looking forward to getting one, so check it out. It's definitely real and it's coming soon.' The CEO and his partner are among the first to have tried out the technique, with impressive results. The self-proclaimed designer, producer, and entrepreneur chose to record his girlfriend's voice saying 'I love you' as well as the sound of their baby, who was four months old at the time.

The soundwave is accompanied by the phrase 'Free Will'. His partner Juliana Damiano was instrumental in the app's development. According to the pair, the idea came to them when the two friends got the opening line from Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' tattooed by Mr. Siggard.

Damiano suggested 'wouldn't it be cool if you could listen to the tattoo?' and the concept was born.

She decided to immortalize her dog Baci by having an image of him tattooed on her forearm, along with a recording of his distinctive howl. The skin motion application is set to debut next month, with waiting list signups already being taken, tattoo artists around the world can apply to become a soundwave certified tattoo artist through the skin motion website, and will then receive the appropriate training and information.

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