Knee-High Boots: A Fashion Must-Have For Women


Knee-high Boots: A Fashion Must-Have for Women

You can wear knee-high boots around the year, but fall and winter are the perfect times for this style of outfit. You can easily match them with other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe to refresh your outfit right away.

I. Why knee-high boots are must-have items in every women’s closet

You can be sure that knee-high boots are one of the best investments you should make. You will agree with me that you can use boots for more than one season. They are incredibly versatile and will be in fashion for years, as well as suitable for almost any occasion. If you are browsing knee-high boots online right now, you can see that classic boot styles are still popular and the favorites of so many. Then, let’s continue exploring how to style knee-high boots in a fresh and contemporary way. And if you are building your dark academia wardrobe, this is also a smart place to start!

II. Types of knee-high boots

This item is a favorite one because they make you look long and lean and are great pieces over booties or ankle boots in cold weather. How many types of knee-high boots are there? Let’s discover at once:

i. Classic boots

This type of boot is perfect for daily wear with sexy skirts,  jeans, leggings, and trousers. They look classic and simple and can be made of suede or smooth leather. They also come in many colors, from standard black and brown to tan, navy, or green.

ii. Riding boots

They were named after English riding boots. They look sleek and stylish with zips, buckles, and straps and are usually found in black and brown. Jeans and leggings are the best pieces to pair with them.

iii. Motorcycle boots

Wearing motorcycle boots will make you look rugged and stylish, but they generally look heavier and are not suitable for office style. You can see that these boots have a thicker sole, are zipped, laced, and are usually adorned with buckles.


iv. Dressy boots

This is the most charming and sexiest pair of boots you should have in your wardrobe. They can come in suede, leather, and synthetic materials. They can be worn with everything, like sexy mini dresses, skirts, leggings, and trousers. Dressy boots have some length, so they will surely add height to your silhouette.

III. 6 outfit ideas to wear knee-high boots all year round

Knee-high boots are always the best of the boot trends. A good pair of boots can instantly upgrade your look in any season. Here are 5 outfit ideas to get you started with ease:

i.  How to wear knee-high boots with jeans

Knee-high boots and jeans are a classic combo and a safe option for everyone. You can refresh your look easily just by matching them with a sleek skirt and a blazer. You can choose a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans for this style of outfit. Any kind of boot can be worn, depending on the style you are going for. A pair of high heel boots is surely a good item that can add some length to your silhouette.

ii. How to wear knee-high boots with leggings

A pair of flat leather black knee-high boots will instantly make them look smarter and greater. They are tight-fitting and can slip easily into any type of boot. Moreover, this combo will give you a streamlined look that lengthens your silhouette for sure. This style is totally eye-catching and versatile, going well in every season of the year. The tip is that don’t forget to complete the whole look with an oversized hoodie or sweater.


iii. How to wear knee-high boots with dress

Pairing a sexy mini dress with boots is always a chic option. You can match black knee-high boots with any kind of dress.

The best choice for you is a midi dress or sexy mini dress; a pencil shape or full A-line are all great combinations. A printed midi dress will surely add personality to your look. Remember to add a belt to this combo because it will help you create a sexy hourglass silhouette. Heeled boots should be the very first ones that come to mind because they will elevate your style even more than flat ones.

A mini dress is a piece of clothing that can show off your charm and beauty. A pair of high heel boots will be versatile in the long run, while over-the-knee boots will be more suitable for winter days. A flouncy blouse will be the best addition to this charming style.

iv. How to wear knee-high boots with skirt

You can never go wrong with this style combo. Any length and style of the skirt you have in your closet will go well with boots. Among them, mini sexy skirts are the cutest and sexiest ones you could consider. Besides, you will get high style points if matching your boots with pleated or flared sexy skirts. Then pick up the most beautiful T-shirt and layer out a sweater. Any high heel boots will work with this look. Voila! You have created a viral dark academia style.


v. How to wear knee-high boots with trench coat

To have a fashion look, you can stick with this combo: a beige trench coat, gold jewelry, and classic black knee-high boots. A trench coat will give you a timeless and elegant appeal and can go well with any outfit. This combo can help you fully embrace the dark academia look for sure.

vi. How to wear knee-high boots with romper

Nothing can be easier to wear than this romper. You just need to slip into it, and you are ready to go out on the town. Any length and type of boots can match well with a romper, but knee-high boots are the best competitor.

You have already known 6 incredible ways to create chic outfits with knee-high boots. The options are limitless, so try styles yourself!

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