Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend

Goth Clothing: A Fierce Style That Can Level Up Your Outfit Effortlessly

I. What do you know about Goth style – Cool pieces of alternative clothing worthy to try on

Goth Style – A mysterious fashion style that has come back on the trend

Gothic is a centuries-old fashion style that has returned to the fashion world recently. This is a dark, mysterious, and edgy fashion that is beloved by so many people. You can easily notice goth girls by their overall dark aesthetic with lots of blacks and aesthetic Goth makeup. The wearers find beauty in the dark and shadows. And Goth is not all about fashion. It’s also about the way you welcome and accept the dark side of this life.

And don’t think that dark colors are too hard to wear. A gothic outfit in black or dark colors will make you look really classic, impressive, special, and magical. Some people think that this style is a little bit scary, but it isn’t always like that. Sexy Goth, why not? And who says that you can’t look romantic and bohemian in Goth outfits? There are many kinds of Goth aesthetic and each of them has its unique characteristics that you surely can find one suitable for you. If you haven’t tried this fashion style before, it’s time to spice up your wardrobe. If you are the starter, you don’t need chains or spikes to look like Goth girls. There are hundreds of ways to achieve this style if you follow our guide.

II. Gothic Clothing – How to rock in Goth fashion aesthetic  

Dressing in Goth is very easy. Learn about its characteristics, and then you can make it your own way.

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend

i. How Goth girls dress in Goth aesthetic

Even though the gothic aesthetic has many sub-groups, all of them share some essential elements. These elements are crucial to creating the characteristics of the gold look.


Black is the most popular and favorite color in gold clothing. That is the key element to bringing out the dark and mysterious vibe of this special fashion style. If you want to look even more stunning, you can let other colors creep their way into your outfits. Royal purples, powerful reds, dark grays, dark browns, or emeralds are also hues you can try to create a difference and highlight your features.


If you are a newbie, you can start with very basic pieces of Goth clothing such as black trousers, black skirts, and black tops. For the simplest pick-up, a sexy Goth dress, a pair of black footwear and aesthetic Goth makeup will be the easy way to look like a pro Goth.

If you don’t have time, a casual and stylish Goth clothing will be what you need. A black set, layer out a leather jacket and finish off with a pair of chunky boots. Another option for an outfit for you is to pair a black turtleneck with a black voluminous skirt, and now you can see how chic and stylish you are in Goth.

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend


Remember! You can’t lack a pair of boots, especially combat boots, if you want to style in Gothic fashion. And it must be a black one. Black platform boots will be what you should invest in. They are not only “gothic,” but also very trending, eye-catching, and hot.


Leather jackets, corsets, velvet tops, dresses, jeans, leggings, hoodies, leather skirts, fishnet skirts, fishnet stockings, fishnet shirts, graphic tees, and band tees—these are some basic items of clothing you can refer to. It’s your turn to play the game of mix-and-match with every piece in your wardrobe to create your unique Gothic outfits.

Corsets are the sexy Goth item that you can see in many Goth scenes. They are sexy and feminine and also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that anyone can try.

Plain black leather jackets are must-haves because they will help to create a Gothic style effortlessly. They also can go well with almost every gothic look. You can wear a graphic tee or hoodie, finish your look with a pair of combat boots, and a black leather jacket will combine everything together.

About dresses, long Victorian-style ruffled ones should be what appears first in your mind. You also can wear a short lace black dress and lay out a formal blazer. See, you are a goth girl now.

Heavy fabrics are essential. Velvet, leather, lace, and fishnets are textures and materials that are often worn. And you know, layering is a great way to help create a dramatic, dynamic, and dimensional appearance when you do it the right way.

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend


You know black clothing, black footwear, black hair, and dark make-up, for sure. But don’t try to make it over. You can try to highlight your eyes with black eye shadow or black eyeliner. Instead of black lips, you can try on purple or red ones for a more feminine look still ensure your aesthetic Goth makeup.

ii. Accessories: must-have pieces to create your unique Goth outfits

An outfit cannot be completed without accessories. You must invest in some very basic pieces of jewelry: chokers, rings (pewter rings), studded bracelets, and belts—essential to any Gothic outfit. A spiked leather choker, a necklace, a crescent ring, or a studded or chained belt will finish the rest of your look for sure. Always remember that accessories with spikes, studs, and chains will boost the gothic feel of your appearance as well.

Another thing that will lift up your look immediately but not many people notice is a pair of black gloves. Why don’t you try on shiny vinyl gloves? Clunky silver jewelry is also something you want to try to make you look even more stunning.

Goth Clothing: A Guide to the Dark and Edgy Fashion Trend

Gothic Clothing: Where you can find inspiration for your Goth outfits

If you don’t know where to begin in this fashion style, the best way for you to find some inspiration is on social media, in magazines, and at Goth events. This is the way how you can do that:

–          Social media: In this dot-com society, social media is the best way to look for great influencers so that you can learn from and copy their aesthetic ideas and outfits from their posts.

–          Music videos: they are always an amazing source of inspiration for any aesthetic style. With gothic style, you just need to find the music videos released during the time you want and “copy” their outfits.

–          Goth events: I think Goth events are the most perfect places to meet with other Gothic people and learn from them. You will even get more inspiration and motivation when taking part in those fashion events.

Honestly, it is easy to dress in a gothic style. Just remember to stick to the staples and principles of Goth, and you will be satisfied with how you look in this new fashion style.


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