From Head to Toe: A Guide to Achieving the Coquette Aesthetic

From Head to Toe: A Guide to Achieving the Coquette Aesthetic

Coquette Aesthetic – A feminine fashion aesthetic is making waves on TikTok

The coquette aesthetic is all about things that are romantic, lighthearted, sweet, hyper-feminine, and coquette. Lace, frills, bows, ribbons, pretty hair accessories, and flushed cheeks are some parts of the coquette style that you can easily notice on the Internet.

This coquette fashion takes inspiration from the lolita, a Japanese subculture endeared by so many girls the world over.

What does coquette mean?

It means “flirt,”  but it doesn’t have bad meanings. This coquette fashion style wants to express the charm, beauty, and femininity of the wearers.

How to dress like a coquette

It is very easy to style in a coquette style. If you’re wondering how to do that, then this useful post will help you to dress like a pro coquette girl from head to toe. The challenge is that you will try to mix every piece to create your own coquette aesthetic outfits. When it comes to this coquette fashion, trying to combine many different petite and delicate details will be your best choice. Think ruffles, lace, and floral patterns.

The characteristics of the coquette aesthetics

Before you try on any fashion aesthetic, you need to understand its characters and features. Below are some main characteristics of the coquette aesthetic:

  • Bring an extra feminine, sweet, adorable, luxurious, romantic, and soft girl look
  • Stick to pink tones and pastel colors in your closet. You can also try on burgundy or red if you want to look more striking.
  • A lot of “girly” and adorable accessories
  • Think about ruffles, lace, ribbons, pleats, florals, and other cute patterns.

From Head to Toe: A Guide to Achieving the Coquette Aesthetic

What accessories do you need to add more touch to your nymphet look?

You will need to buy a lot of “girly” accessories to create a very sweet appearance. Hair accessories you must have are hair bows, hair clips, delicate headbands, bandanas, and fluffy earmuffs. Besides, some other body pieces that will help to embrace your look instantly are knitted stockings, pearl jewelry sets, traditional beret hats, knitted hats, and cotton camisoles. You know, a beret hat in cream, red, or pink is always a sweet option. So add those to your wardrobe soon.

Knee-high tulle socks, opera gloves, cat-eye sunglasses, and leg warmers are also great pieces to emphasize your coquette aesthetic outfits. Among them, red cat-eye sunglasses are super cool items to give you a super feminine vibe. 

The footwear pieces you can choose to finish your look are Mary Janes, sneakers, strappy sandals, and high heels.

What is the best choice of tops and bottoms to become a coquette?

Ruffle trim tops, lace blouses, corsets, ribbon tank tops, and floral lace crop tops are some perfect tops to give you the most “girly” look.

Cute ruffle mini skirts, midi skirts, high-wait jeans, flowy floral maxi dresses, sundresses, slip and frilly dresses – You must prepare a lot of these beautiful and feminine bottoms in your closet. 

How to make up in coquette style

If all pieces of your coquette clothing are in pastel colors, then your makeup should be as well. Pastel/ nude lipsticks, pastel-colored eyeshadow, glitters, and highlighters are what you should put on your face. 

From Head to Toe: A Guide to Achieving the Coquette Aesthetic

Coquette aesthetic hairstyles

The hairstyles you choose should be soft and feminine, with an emphasis on delicate details such as hair clips, ribbons, earrings, etc. You will look really attractive in soft, loose curls or tousled waves. You know, braids, especially loose or messy braids, will make you look like a princess for sure.

One more tip for you: keep your bangs, particularly side-swept or wispy bangs. Hairstyles with bangs always make you look more lovely, charming, and sweet than ever.

If you want to style short hair, a dolly style with slightly wavy hair will be your best choice. If you prefer long hair, you might consider wearing a cute bob. See, to look charming in this fashion aesthetic is not difficult, right?

Coquette aesthetic outfit ideas – Time to shop the coquette aesthetic items

Timeless five-piece combination: Lace top + high-waist miniskirt + pearl jewelry + baguette bag + Mary Janes 

These coquette clothing pieces are the perfect combination to create an extra elegant and feminine look. I suggest you wear a pair of Mary Janes because they will add a touch of vintage feel and youthfulness to your whole coquette aesthetic outfits. Don’t forget to choose items all in proper tones as suggested. In fashion, unity is important to combine all pieces together. 

From Head to Toe: A Guide to Achieving the Coquette Aesthetic

Flowy floral maxi dress + denim jacket + white sneakers

This combo will construct a complimentary silhouette and definitely be suitable for a casual day out.

Cropped sweater + high-waisted jeans + ankle boots + crossbody bag

You should choose a pastel-colored cropped sweater and pair it with a pair of light-wash high-waisted jeans. A cute cross-body bag and ankle boots will polish your look even more.

Pleated midi skirt + graphic tee + sneakers

Want a playful and comfy look? A graphic tee combined with a cute pleated midi skirt will bring you a fun and lovely touch. Slip into a pair of sneakers and you are ready to go! 

Miniskirt + ruffled blouse + strappy sandals

Yes. This is exactly the perfect outfit for a sweet and romantic date night. Of course, don’t forget to choose cute pastel colors, especially white and pink. Finish off your aesthetic look with strappy sandals and beautiful earrings.

Don’t miss out on other aesthetic guides on our blog to inspire you with awesome coquette clothing ideas!

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