Fashion Through the Decades: A Look at Retro Aesthetics

Fashion Through the Decades: A Look at Retro Aesthetics

Retro Aesthetics: A special fashion trend has come back

In the post today, we are going to explore the retro vintage aesthetic and how to dress retro. Even many different aesthetics appear around us. But some of us just want to stick to a certain style, almost. We are in the 21st century, and we may call back the fashion styles from the 1940s to the 1990s that are retro or vintage. The retro vintage aesthetic will be at least 15 years old but not too antique (not over a century old).

We will take a quick look through some typical retro aesthetics to see which one you like best.

Fashion Through the Decades: A Look at Retro Aesthetics

Explore Vintage Retro Aesthetic: It’s Time to Add Some Vintage Aesthetic Clothes to Your Clothing Collection

Vintage 2000s/Y2K aesthetic

Yes. This is the “latest” retro vintage aesthetic that we all know. Y2K is an aesthetic that was popular from 1997 to 2004. Y2K aesthetics mostly focus on the use of technology and futuristic looks. Tight leather pants, pleated skirts, translucence, low-rise jeans, belly chains, velour sets, and butterfly prints are some very popular items you can find in any woman’s wardrobe.

Every time I wear the Y2K retro aesthetic outfits, I feel like I am living my best teenage life. Vintage dresses and vintage pants are definitely easy pieces that everyone can try. 

Fashion Through the Decades: A Look at Retro Aesthetics

90s vintage grunge aesthetic

Even in these modern days, it is easy to achieve the 90s grunge look. In the 1990s, teens used to spend their time gaming and watching TV shows. The style of this era focuses on imperfection, carefreeness, and messes. Let me see: baggy jeans, ripped jeans, worn boots, button-down shirts, maxi skirts, pantsuits, opera gloves, combat boots, and nude tights are some typical things you will love to mix to create various retro aesthetic outfits. Never forget to count on some beautiful vintage dresses

80s retro-vintage aesthetic

Vintage aesthetic clothes from the 1980s will help to embody the powerful, chic, and aspirational qualities of women from that era. To style in these retro aesthetics, you can invest in some key pieces like cowboy boots for women, leather blazers, leather dresses, lace dresses, disco tops, high-cut one-pieces, and high-waist denim. Besides, vintage pants, sweaters, faux fur coats, wrangled denim jeans, tight jeans, leg warmers, aerobic outfits, and sneakers are also the most commonly used 80s vintage aesthetic clothes.

This fashion style is still so popular that you can still come across it at many parties, TV shows, and fashion clothing stores.

Fashion Through the Decades: A Look at Retro Aesthetics

70s vintage hippie aesthetic

This retro fashion still keeps having a huge influence on fashion aesthetics today. Did you remember the runway shows for Spring/Summer in 2022?  The 70s-inspired looks filled the shows with iconic pieces such as flared jeans, printed shirts, printed mini dresses, halter tops, and funky floral prints. 

Do you have any pieces in your closet to create unique retro aesthetic outfits? I think that you can find some amazing items, such as vintage dresses or vintage pants, in your mother’s wardrobe. Which is your favorite vintage style?

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