Dark Academia Aesthetic: Inspiration For A Mysterious Look


Dark Academia Aesthetic: Inspiration for a Mysterious Look

Have you ever heard about dark academia? If you love school uniforms in cult titles like Harry Potter or Wild Child, perhaps you will find inspiration to dress well with a new fashion style: Dark Academia. Let’s discover more about this extra-special lifestyle right now.

I. What do you need to know about dark academia?

Dark Academia is a Western fashion style. This style comes from the classical conception of beauty among European aristocrats. It is therefore particularly associated with classical literature, knowledge, and the glorification of individualism. At first glance, Dark Academia fashion is somewhat dark and mysterious. However, that is also what makes this style so attractive. Dark Academia fashionistas are often passionate about exploring history, literature, and beauty.

Over the years, it has developed into a lifestyle concept with the emergence of social media platforms. With countless posts on Instagram and TikTok today, the dark academia can’t be ignored any longer. “Dark Academia”—with scuffed loafers, schoolgirl-plaid skirts, and tweed blazers in the context of the 1930s and 1940s—had become a lifestyle. And now, it is the inspiration for a mysterious aesthetic that is loved by many around the world. People who follow this style will often tend to express their desire for and curiosity about historical values.


II. What are the inspirations behind a mysterious look?

It’s time for those who love vintage clothes and old buildings to show off their fashion style. Dark Academia—the upper-class European style—has quickly attracted attention because of its romance and mystery.

Personality and a bit of rebelliousness are one of the bright spots that help Dark Academia conquer Gen Z youth. That is the reason why this style once again brings this somewhat “old-fashioned” style back to the fashion cycle.

People who follow this style will often tend to express their desire for and curiosity about historical values. So in terms of images, Dark Academia often has a dark color that is somewhat old, containing a melancholy character and a longing for the concept of “beauty in the past.”

Dark Academia’s fashion image is closer to reality through popular culture publications such as movies, books, and stories. The most prominent and familiar is the classic Harry Potter series (2001–2011).



III. How to dress in a dark academia aesthetic?

Ralph Lauren is a modern fashion brand that is particularly associated with dark colors. The lovers of this style surely remember the Ready-to-Wear collection of Ralph Lauren in the fall of 2016. Let’s learn how to dress in a dark academic style.

i. Features of Dark Academia aesthetic

You can freely mix and match layers, from premium tweed to rustic linen. In addition, cashmere, wool, cotton, and organza… are also materials associated with this style. So the materials associated with this style are knit, velvet, wool, leather, tweed, corduroy, tartan, and crepe.

Dark Academia is associated with an ancient, ghostly image as if hiding a mysterious inner world behind a polite appearance. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize the color palette of autumn’s neutral to deep colors and traditional motifs such as stripes, checkers, etc. from this style. The typical colors are grey, dark green, black, burgundy, brown, and navy blue. Although neutral colors like tan, beige, white, and cream are also welcome,

Classics of this style are Oxford aesthetic shirts, tweed trousers, trench coats, blazers, duffles, and knitted waistcoats. The typical accessories include ties, glasses, brooches, watches, and umbrellas. Other items you can try are boots, chunky sweaters, neutral-colored trousers, wide-leg pants, collared dresses, blazers, and argyle knits. Then a large crossbody bag is a perfect addition to finish off this dark academic look. Besides, attaching stones is also a good suggestion. If you want to level up the overall outfit, you should choose pearl accessories.



ii. The items that make up Dark Academia fashion

New to Dark Academia and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; the following items will be for you.

  • Shirts: Shirts are the most basic item in a Dark Academia outfit. Outside is a cardigan or blazer, suitable for a winter atmosphere. In the summer, you can completely combine a shirt pattern with plaid-patterned khaki pants.
  • Knitwear/sweaters: This item is simple, elegant, and very suitable for the cold winter. You can wear it over a shirt with an accessory which is a tie.
  • Trench coat: It is one of the must-have items to level up your style. It can be said that with this item, your overall outfit will be promoted quite a bit.
  • Cardigan: If a long coat feels appealing, a cardigan will soften your overall look. Add a few more copper accessories and you have a delicate, light ensemble overall.
  • Sweater Vest: This item is for those who follow the school’s intellectual style. This one can be paired with a shirt and high-waisted or wide-leg pants.
  • Pants: You can choose between loose-fitting Western pants with deep color tones. Rolled-up khaki pants and wide-leg pants will be the optimal choice.
  • Leather shoes: The high-necked leather shoes will make your overall outfit more luxurious.



As can be seen, this trend is having a big impact on Gen Z in cyberspace. Not only in fashion, but academic aesthetics also enters the lifestyle of young people.




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