Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for A Trendy Outfit

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for A Trendy Outfit

I. How many pieces of crop tops do you have in your wardrobe?

I’m quite sure that women can’t live without crop tops—a staple in our closets. You know, there are many kinds of crop tops that you can match with nearly every other piece in various ways and create so many chic and fashionable outfits.

Cute crop tops or sexy crop tops—there you go! And do you know how many types of crop tops there are? Here is the list of some of my favorite crop tops for you to refer to:

  • Tie-crop top
  • Lace-up crop top
  • Off-the-shoulder crop top
  • Sporty crop top
  • Long-sleeve crop top
  • Corset crop top
  • Bustier crop top
  • Cut-out crop top
  • Ruffled crop top
  • Lace crop top

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit

II. Trendy outfits with crop tops that make you look stylish in any season

What is your personality? What do you want to show off through your dressing style? Discover our list and find the most suitable outfits for you.

i. Cute crop tops outfits

A cute graphic crop top and matching trousers are the easiest way you can dress to be cute all day. Or you can choose a long-sleeve cropped sweater and pair it with matching trousers. Pink, blue or white will be the cutest colors you should pick up.

The most recommended combo: a cute graphic crop top and a high-waisted pleated skirt. You will look like a pretty baby doll in this crop top skirt set. A pair of elegant ankle boots will be enough to finish the rest of your look. You can invest in some cute crop tops with prints on them so that you can play a lot with this mix-and-match game.

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit
Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit

ii. Sweet and romantic crop tops outfits

Ruffle crop top + long maxi skirt: you will look like a princess in this kind of outfit. A white ruffle and a long floral baby pink or blue maxi skirt are exactly the way you dress to turn into a sweet and pretty princess in real life.

A cute short-sleeve floral-printed crop top and a white, puffy midi skirt are a pretty crop top skirt set that you must try once.

There are a lot of cute crop tops and skirt sets out there. You just need to select them and put them on. Remember to choose sets with floral prints and in light or pastel colors. The easiest way on earth for you to look sweet with no effort!

iii. Dynamic crop tops outfits

If you are an energetic and youthful girl, these outfit ideas are for you.

Wear a simple, tight plain crop top under short overalls. Have you ever thought about this dressing style? You may also try a graphic crop top as well. It will give you a dynamic and fresh look, and it is definitely perfect for a picnic or going out. A pair of sporty sneakers will be all you need to complete your look.

The combo of a sporty crop top and wide-leg pants will rock you in athleisure style. A cropped sweatshirt, chic jeans, stylish sneakers—and you are ready to go out on the town.

Want an easier set? Here you are. A green square-neck cropped tank top, dark jeans, chunky boots, and a pair of stylish sunglasses—you’re all set!

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit

iv. Sexy crop tops outfits

There are many ways to style in sexy crop tops and I’ll show you some.

  • A bustier crop top is definitely perfect to define your curves and elevate your look with ease. You can match this sexy top with a fluffy midi skirt for a romantic date night out or lift up your day with a pair of short jeans and sandals. Yup, a killing look to anyone!
  • The corset crop top is also the one you can’t ignore. It is a great way to give you an hourglass silhouette. The very basic and sexy outfit everyone can try on is the pairing of a corset top and a pair of high-waisted and tight jeans. If you want to look even more attractive, match it with a mini skirt. Any kind of footwear, such as high heels, ankle boots, or knee-high boots, will go perfectly.
  • The off-the-shoulder crop top is the next competitor. In case you don’t want to be so sexy or show your skin so much, an off-the-shoulder dress will be the best choice. The final look will be sexy, sweet, and romantic as well.
  • Want to look extra charming to everyone? A cut-out crop top is a must. Cutouts are on trend, so it is really a pity if you haven’t tried them once.
  • Finding a really sexy and charming outfit for your romantic date night? A sexy sheer lace crop top must be your choice.

Crop Tops: The Perfect Piece for a Trendy Outfit

v. Chic crop top outfits

These outfits will be suitable for you to take part in a party or attend a formal event.

Keep it easy and you will automatically look chic—a pair of high-waisted black jeans, an off-white cropped tank top, and a black leather coat outside. You are ready to be on the go! A stylish belt will complete your look.

A lace crop top and a satin long dress with a slit on one side in black or white will help you catch all eyes on the street for sure. Don’t forget to add some accessories, such as earrings, a necklace, or bracelets, to make you look even chicer and more impressive. A pair of striped high heels will be the best pick-up before you step out of the door.

Crop top skirt set—you can’t go wrong with this. A long-sleeve crop top and mini skinny skirt in PU leather and black base will lift up your appearance immediately. Put on a pair of chic high-heel ankle boots, and your show time is on!

I’m quite sure that you have selected an outfit that can help to show off your personality the best. Believe me! A pretty outfit will keep you happy and confident every day.


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