By   | WOMEN   |   15 June 2017
Amazon Unveils New Echo Look, an AI That Gives You Fashion Tips (video)

Amazon has just released the Echo Look, the latest addition to its range of voice-enabled assistants. The Echo Look, unlike its predecessors, is a voice and camera powered AI assistant, so it can watch and hear you.

It sounds potentially creepy, but the company is marketing the Echo Look as a sort of fashion assistant and says the device can be used to help you choose an outfit.

It works something like this: Use a voice command to activate Echo Look and snap a picture or video of your current outfit, which you can then share on social media. Do this often and you can build a lookbook to track your fashion over time.“Get a live view in the Echo Look app or ask Alexa to take a short video so you can see yourself from every angle,” says Amazon.

You can also get it to take a full-body picture of you by saying “Alexa, take a picture”.

The AI doesn’t have a screen, so you’ll have to use the Amazon app on your smartphone to see what it can see.

A feature called Style Check uses machine-learning and “advice from fashion specialists” to rate two photos of you in different outfits and pick the best one, delivering a verdict based on factors including fit, color, styling, and current trends. “Over time, these decisions get smarter through your feedback and input from our team of experienced fashion specialists,” says Amazon.

The Echo Look will also recommend clothing, and in doing so will nudge you towards Amazon’s shopping pages. The device is powered by Alexa, so it can also do the usual voice assistant duties like setting reminders and letting you know if it’s going to rain.

The AI is currently available in the US by invitation only, where it costs $199.9. You can sign up to request one on this page.


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